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There is nothing like CLAP

Unlike other services, we are not just providing a streaming or interactive platform. We are providing a central location for all live Church Services globally.

We've taken a complicated system and made it easy for everyone to use.

1. Broadcast

Use our intuitive online platform to setup and stream your service. We provide recommended hardware to make everything plug and play.

2. Members Scan In

Members in-person scan a QR code which takes them directly to the interactive session. Online members click a link to do the same.

3. That's it!

Everything is done automatically from copyright settings, to live Bible verses displayed on users screens. It even talks to the ProPresenter!

1. Increase new members

Make inviting others to church easy for your congregation. Make attending your Church easily accessible to all.

2.Engage existing

Let the voice of your people be heard. Actively engage them during the service, and keep them engaged after the service.

3. Excite young members

Let them interact with your message as well as with each other using technology with which they are most comfortable.

Let's work together